Catholic Problems: Disclaimer

I get a lot of responses and reblogs to my “Catholic Problems” posts about “this is a general Christian/pro-lifer/conservative/etc problem, more people than Catholics have to deal with this” and you are darn right - many groups of people share these issues. Catholics are a subgroup of Christians, a subgroup of pro-lifers, and a subgroup of many other things, which means the general group may also share a similar problem.

That being said, I do not plan to reword every CP to include these groups every time it is relevant. The only thing I will do is specify if it is a guy/girl problem, because the post may not apply to both genders of Catholics. I just post problems I encounter in my daily life related to my faith, and it’s great if you can relate even if you’re not Catholic - we’re in this together. But it would be exhausting to title every post as “Catholic/Christian/Conservative/Religious/Modesty* Problems.”

However, I freely invite you to change the title of the post yourself when you reblog it. Example:

Before - “Catholic Problems #456”

After - “Catholic (and Christian) Problems #456”

Thanks for bearing with me, and happy reblogging!